The NASCAR Hall of Fame is found in Charlotte, North Carolina. It honors not only drivers, but also other notable NASCAR individuals, such as crew chiefs, owners, engineers, promoters, and broadcasters.

The Hall of Fame building is located in the uptown part of the city, approximately 25 minutes south of the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Location: 400 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina

Owner: City of Charlotte

Operator: Charloote Regional Visitors Authority

The Hall of Fame building

The Hall of Fame building was constructed in 2007-2010 and officially opened on May 11, 2010. The inaugural class was inducted on May 12, following the 2010 NASCAR Spring All-Star Race.

The Hall of Fame building contains of lot of interesting things for visitors. Here are a few examples:

First floor

From the first floor, you can reach the High Octane Theatre, a below-ground screening room where videos are shown.

Second floor

  • The Great Hall, a large exhibition space where the exhibits vary from season to season.
  • Glory Road, a 33-degree banked ramp featuring 18 cars.
  • Ceremonial Plaza, an outdoor patio.

Third floor

  • Hall of Honor. This is the place where each one of the Hall of Fame inductees is honored with their own exhibit.
  • Transporter and Racecar simulators.
  • Inside NASCAR. This is a simulation of what a week can look like for a NASCAR team, with race prepping, inspections, time trails, etc – and the race itself, of course.

Fourth floor

The fourth floor is filled with information and artefacts concerning the history of NASCAR and stock car racing.

Who is eligible for the Hall of Fame?

  • Non-drivers must have been involved in the industry for a minimum of 10 years. (This rule can be set aside during special circumstances.)
  • Drivers must have been active in NASCAR for a minimum of 10 years and must also have been retired for at least 3 years. Since the 2014 nomination process, a loop-hole has been available: the 3-year requirement can be waived for a driver who turns 55 years of age or has competed in NASCAR-sanctioned events for at least 30 years.

How are individuals selected for the NASCAR Hall of Fame?


A committee consisting of 20 members selects nominees. The committee is comprised of seven NASCAR representatives, eleven track owners, the Hall of Fame Executive Director, and the Hall of Fame Historian.


hall of fameThe nomination committee hands over the nominations to the voting committee and a total of 48 votes are cast.

The voting committee consists of the members of the nomination committee, plus the following:

  • 14 media representatives
  • 3 manufacturer representatives (one from each current manufacturer). At the time, this means representatives from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota.
  • 3 retired drivers
  • 3 retired owners
  • 3 retired crew chiefs
  • The reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion
  • One ballot that represents the result of a fan vote on

About Charlotte

The city Charlotte has a long history of stock car racing and many renowned drivers hail from North Carolina. Quite a few teams who currently compete in the NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity or Truck Series are based in the area, alongside a plethora of NASCAR offices.

In May 2009, the NASCAR Plaza opened in Charlotte. This is a 390,000 sq ft building where the Hall of Fame-related offices are found, together with NASCAR´s licensing division, NASCAR Digital Media, and 704Games (a NASCAR licensee).